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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  July 7, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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don't settle for u-verse. xfinity is perfect for people who want more entertainment for their money. awe kousers weigh in on revolutions that bill cosby admit head wanted to drug women for sex. step up the fight against isis. the u.s. admits it only trained 60 syrian fighters so far. a stark warning to greece. european leaders lay out what the country must do by the end of this week. >> this is cnn newsroom.
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we begin with new allegations of sexual assault against bill cosby. his long-time publicist said he had no plans to issue a statement about cosby's deposition in a 2005 civil lawsuit. cosby admitted he got prescription drugs to give to women he wanted to have sex with. >> certainly a bombshell. two cosby accusers spoke to cnn about their reaction. >> i'm very upset. i'm embarrassed, embarrassed for his fans that he has deceived for all of these years. more than 30 you know. i have been holding on to this since 1982. i am just extremely upset. i do not feel vindicated.
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the truth has no expiration date on it. the truth, somehow, finds its way to the light. and out of the darkness and i think that is what has happened. >> two u.s. tv networks are cancelling reruns of cosby's old reruns. cosby long denied any accusations of sexual assault and no criminal charges have ever been filed against him. randi kaye reports on cosby's reaction to these allegations. >> wear funeral clothing. >> america's favorite dad now the king of no comment. bill cosby is yet to directly a question about the allegations of sexual assault levelled against him. listen to this response to abc in may. >> it's interesting. this is a situation that's
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unprecedented. my family my friends, i have been in this business 52 years, and i have never seen anything like this. reality is the situation. and i can't speak. >> reporter: reality is the situation. what he meant by that is unclear but at least he answered it sort of. in an interview that was supposed to be about cosby's art work questions about the allegations were met with silence. >> this question gives me no pleasure mr. cosby, but there have been serious allegations raised about you in recent days. you are shaking your head no. i'm in the news business. i have to ask the question. do you have any response to those charges? shaking your head no. >> npr host skogt simon shared
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more cover about cosby's reaction with cnn. >> he gave the delightful impish cosby smile at first and was silent. didn't answer the question. >> reporter: when an associated press reporter asked cosby if he wanted to comment on what his accusers said, he got this. >> i have to ask about your name coming up in the news recently regarding this comedian. >> no, we don't answer that. >> i just wanted to ask if you want to respond at all about whether any of that was true? >> there's no response. >> reporter: and then cosby took it one step further. >> can i get something from you? >> what's that? >> that none of that will be shown? >> i can't promise that myself. you didn't say anything. >> i would appreciate it if it was scuttled. >> i hear you. i will tell that to my editors,
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and i think they will understand -- >> if you want to consider yourself to be serious that it will not appear anywhere. >> backstage before one of his shows in florida last november, cosby wasn't up for talking much either. he told "florida today" i know people are tired of me not saying anything but a guy doesn't have to answer to innuendos. people should fact check. people shouldn't have to go through that and shouldn't answer to innuendos. innuendos or is the truth finally out? randi kaye cnn new york. more news from the united states. u.s. said it trained thousands of syrian rebels a year to train isis is getting off to a slow start. the u.s. defense secretary explained the surprising numbers to members of congress. >> reporter: with isis still in
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control of many parts of syria, a stunning revelation from the secretary of defense on just how slow u.s. training of moderate syrians to fight isis is really going. >> as of july 3rd we are currently training 60 fighters. this number is much smaller than we hoped for at this point. >> the u.s. had wanted to train up to 5,000 per year. but a major problem, getting fighters willing to promise to only fight isis in syria, not syrian president bashar al-assad's regime. senator john mccain furious at the pentagon for what he views as a failure to protect the syrians. >> mr. secretary, this is not a pleasant exchange. i'd like to have answers to questions. will we tell them we will defend them against bashar al-assad's barrel bombing? >> i think we have an obligation. >> will we tell them that?
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>> we have not. >> not told them yet. >> he left the door open for a small number of american troops working as forward air controllers to assist in calling in air strikes to help iraqi forces. >> i agree the -- there are points on the battlefield where the president embed software would make them more capable. >> the administration says there are no plans for more u.s. forces. >> in order for us to succeed long term in this fight against isil we have to develop local security forces that can sustain progress. >> reporter: almost one year in to the american involvement, questions about whether the u.s. can afford patience. >> if you are suggesting that isil's threat to the homeland could increase because of this patience i concede that risk but i would also suggest to you
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that we would contribute mightily to isil's message as a movement were we to confront them directly on the ground in iraq and syria. >> behind the scenes many top u.s. commanders will tell you one of the big issues now is to get iraqi fighters and those moderate syrian rebels capable of fighting well enough to take territory and hold on to it. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. another day, another deadline in the greek financial crisis. euro group leaders expect to hear greece's latest bailout proposals by the end of the week. >> alexis tsipras failed to produce a long term plan on tuesday. he said one is coming soon. leaders of the european union will meet on sunday to discuss whatever greece puts forward. >> the stark reality is we only
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have five days left to find the ultimate agreement. until now, i have avoided talking about deadlines. but tonight i have to say it loud and clear that the final deadline ends this week. all of us are responsible for the crisis and all of us have a responsibility to resolve it. thank you. >> the commission is prepared for everything. we have a great scenario, prepare in detail. we have a scenario -- and scenario hope to deal with the problem now keeping greece as a member of the euro. i can't prevent it if the greek government is not doing what we expect the greek government to do respect the dignity of the
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greek people. >> economic turmoil is taking a toll on the greek people and small businesses around the country. >> it's hard for them. some are placing the harsh reality they may not be able to keep their doors open much longer. phil black has more from athens. >> reporter: this is a quiet day at this kitchen. lately there have been too many quiet days. she runs the place like her father before her. the plan has always been for her son to take over. now nothing in this family's future is certain. it's not hard to see why. a beautiful location fresh seafood and so many empty tables. what happened with the banks is a controversy for us, maria tells me. with banks closed and atm withdrawals limited to 60 euros a day, eating out is suddenly an injuly dull jens few can afford. businesses down 40 to 50% she says and morale down 100 a%
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because we don't know what tomorrow will bring. maria says those who come to eat now are ordering much less. some customers still pay cash, but not enough to meet overhead. she is getting by making iou arrangements with suppliers. she knows it can't last. everything lasts on the greek government reaching a deal with its creditors. she says if greece leaves the euro it will be the last straw for her 4 46-year-old business. but a deal if it comes will be too late for others like this clothing designer. she is packing up and shutting down after 40 years in this workshop. >> it is hard but i will do it. i decided to do it. >> what will you do now? >> maybe i will go to another country that is more civilized. r and more fair for people who work hard.
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>> she agrees request with greece's creditors. it is too hard to run a business here she shows me her neighborhood. come on. come on. and the many shops standing empty and unlakely to open again anytime soon. >> it is very sad. because all of these shops represent people. >> reporter: people who run small businesses here know through hard experience a new bailout won't guarantee greece's economic recovery but without a quick deal they fear many more will lose livelihoods, saving everything they have struggled to build. cnn, athens. >> greece isn't the only country experiencing financial difficulty right now. china, a mood of panic. that's what security regulator is calling the mood on the stock market this wednesday as it tries desperately to stop the selloff. >> unprecedented moves from them. more than half of all companies
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have been suspended from trading. here's a look at the numbers right now as they are winding down for the trading day. 3% on one of the markets and nearly 3% on the other. but over the course of the last couple of weeks the numbers are more harsh. >> andrew stevens is live from hong kong. over 1400 companies listed have halted trading. that is half of the market. they are doing this to prevent market losses. doesn't exactly restore confidence does it? >> quite the op it. it would seem. and you think you are a small investor you perhaps borrowed money because a lot of people have borrowed money in china to play the mark when it was going up 162%. that was up until june 12th. people were borrowing money on the way down they want to get out and they can't anymore. they are stuck in those companies. this is an unprecedented move.
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a dangerous move. it destroys confidence. you need defendant confidence in markets. so the chinese government has been talking about trying to make the markets more open and more liked. like they are western counterparts and let the market decide. we didn't see anything like this during the financial crises. there's a containment across the region. look at the numbers around the rest of the asia. hong kong in particular. not surprisingly taking the biggest hit, down 4%. and japan down 2.5%. australia down 2%. gives you an idea. this is a problem emanating from china. greece is certainly exacerbating the problems. we have containment happening in the markets in the moment. >> just the idea of halting
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trading, you would never see anything like that happening in the u.s. markets. china's central bank has tried various measures including cutting interest rates, relaxed rules and margin trading. why don't those measures seem to be working with? >> add to that the chinese government effectively is buying the stock market through the central bank is funding various institutions to go out and buy stocks to try to put a floor to this. it is obviously not working, as we see today the market opening down 8% now 4% down. that's a terrible result. so it is not working because there's panic. as the chinese themselves point out. there are so many investors involved. 90% of the market is made up by small investors. the psychology is slightly different there. they are panicking and want to get out. they are losing trust and trust in the chinese authorities is all important for the chinese authorities.
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so they have an increasingly big problem to face to restore order. as important to restore credibility. >> panic and of course i will some kind of spillover with the hang seng in hong kong. we will see what effect the losses have on the broader chinese economy. andrew stevens, thank you so much. >> sudden fall. >> especially since the chinese government has tried so many measures to stabilize the mashlg and none of them have worked. even cutting rates. a quick break here on cnn. when we come back hillary clinton opens up in her first national interview since launching her presidential campaign. hear what the democratic front runner has to say about immigration in a cnn exclusive. plus details on a report that presidential candidate donald trump maybe employing undocumented immigrants to build his new luxury hotel. if you have moderate to severe
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that's based on what others recently paid for the same new car and kelley blue book's trusted pricing expertise. a source close to the investigation of the shooting death of a san francisco woman tells cnn the gun used by an
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illegal immigrant belonged to usa federal agent. it's unclear which federal agency the gun belonged to or how it ended up in the hands of sanchez. the claims he found it wrapped in a t-shirt on the ground. >> on tuesday, he responded in spanish pleading not guilty to murder and weapons charges in the death of kate. >> the killing inflamed the long-standing debate on immigration in the u.s. >> with the 2016 presidential election heating up candidates from all sides on weighing in on an exclusive interview, hillary clinton also commented on the san francisco killing. >> what should be done is any city should listen to the department of homeland security which as i understand it urged them to deport this man again after he got out of prison another time. here's a case where we deported
10:22 pm
we deported and he ends back in our country. i think the city made a mistake. the city made a mistake not to deport someone at the federal government strongly felt should be deported. i have absolutely no support for a city that ignores the strong evidence that should be acted on. >> we will have more on that exclusive interview later this hour. u.s. republican presidential candidate donald trump is standing behind the controversial comments he made last month on mexican immigrants entering the united states. although the real estate mogul said some were quote, good people. he did describe others and i'm quoting here killers and rapists. >> some language. when asked if he regrets his remarks, here's his response. >> no, not at all. we have to stop illegal immigration in to this country. it's killing our country.
10:23 pm
>> reporter: >> and now reports trump may be employing undocumented immigrants to build his new luxury hotel in washington, d.c. that's according to the "washington post" that said the information came from workers at the construction site. krb cnn correspondent joe johns reports. >> just blocks from the white house in washington real estate mogul donald trump is turning the post office pavilion in to a luxury hotel that will bear his name. >> it will be perhaps the most luxurious hotel anywhere in the world. >> reporter: trump touted the $20 million construction project on the campaign trail. >> i got it for two reasons. number one we're really good. two with we had really good plan and the third, we had a great financial statement. >> reporter: that construction site has become ground zero in the debate over illegal immigration, sparked by trump's comments about mexican immigrants last month. >> they are bringing drugs. they are bringing crime, they are rapists and some i assume are good people.
10:24 pm
>> reporter: the "washington post" interviewed 15 laborers at the d.c. otell site reporting that many revealed they had entered the u.s. illegally. none of whom would speak on camera for fear of losing their job and none would say whether they legally resided in the u.s. but did express outrage over what they said trumps offensive remarks. one of their colleagues told cnn he didn't know anyone on the project who was undocumented. others said they were focused on the job, not the controversy. >> i don't give a [ bleep ]. i'm just here to make money. that's it. >> reporter: in a statement the trump spokesperson said the obligation to check all workers on site is exclusive to the contractor on the project. this assumes the assertion regarding the employees' status is accurate. ♪ takin' care of business ♪ >> so far the controversy hasn't hurt him in the polls but affected his bottom line. >> you are fired.
10:25 pm
>> reporter: nbc dropped "the apprentice" that network and univision pulled out of miss usa and miss universe pageants co-owned by trump. serta and macy's cut ties with the brash billionaire. >> i'm big on dressing for success. >> for the people that pay millions for my brand, my brand, my brand. i don't care. maybe i'm leading in polls but this is not good, i lose customers and people. >> reporter: the list of those distancing themselves from trump is growing. the pga announcing it will not hold the grand slam of golf tournament at trump national in los angeles this year and is looking for another venue. joe johns, cnn, washington. >> >>. french officials say 150 detonators in a stack of plastic explosives was stolen from a
10:26 pm
military base. reports say thieves broke in though base on sunday night after cutting their way through wire fencing. the facility houses 200 soldiers and holds weapons for foreign missions. the defense military says it is investigating how the theft happened. france has been on high alert after recent terror attacks. most recently at a gas factory. in the u.s. the army will announce drastic cuts to its force later this week. a u.s. defense official says 40,000 troops will be cut by 2017. 17,000 civilian employee s will be part of the reductions. the cuts are part of a long-standing plan that has been publicly discussed since last year and also discussion inside the pentagon if the cuts could grow deeper if there are additional budget reductions from congress. carnival cruise lines have won american government approval to offer culturally themed
10:27 pm
cruises from cuba to the united states. >> the largest cruise ship start the cruises next may. others in the industry hope it will ease travel restrictions from the u.s. to the island. diplomatic relations between the nation's are expected to be restored july 20th after decades of an moss fi and lift of the trade embargo. a quick break. coming up negotiators have given themselves more time in the iran nuclear talk as they consider what a deal could mean for the middle east strategy. and series of suspicious deaths linked to a corruption scandal in india. we'll explain. woah woah marge... you're not marge? i'm sorta marge. we both drive a stick, we both like saving money on car insurance and we both feel integrity such as, that of healthcare in the america of the us and therefore. yes.
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you are watching cnn newsroom. i'm max foster. >> i'm zain asher. let's get to your headlines. greek prime minister says he will present a new bailout proposal by the end of the week. leaders of the european union will meet on sunday to evaluate the plan. talks on tuesday failed to result any tangible result. there is a mood of panic in the stock market and the numbers tell the story. the markets plunged on wednesday and half of the companies have suspended trading. chinese stocks lost more than $3 trillion in value. the u.s. trained 60 yearian fighters in the battle against isis. the u.s. defense secretary said
10:32 pm
they are due to a thorough vetting process. the goal of the program is to train 3,000 to 5,000 fighters per year. negotiations over iran yees nuclear program extend giving iran and six world powers two more days to finalize a deal. >> one of the sticking points is iran wants the u.n. to lift the embargo, something the west is reluctant to do. britain's foreign secretary says more work needs to be done to reach a comprehensive agreement. >> there will need to be tradeoffs and difficult decisions made on both sides if we are going to get this done. i think there is a clear will to complete this agreement and keep ate until we get there. >> u.s. president obama has a lot to gain by reaching a deal with iran.
10:33 pm
>> reporter: no breakthroughs through the iran nuclear talks, just negotiators breaking through more deadlines. first june 30th and then july 7th. and now the end of the week. the white house indicated today even that deadline is not a make-or-break date. >> these conversations will go on as long as the president and his team perceive them to be useful because they are making progress in that direction. >> with multiple administration sources warning there are major obstacles blocking a deal the white house is no longer putting the odds of an agreement at 50/50. >> i'm not feeling like a betting man. >> as the number two democrat in the house, he said that my concern is there will be a -- performance by iran and they will string out negotiations. the white house has hopes that are to rein in the nuclear program in exchange for looser sanctions can open up
10:34 pm
opportunities across the middle east from syria where assad is propped up to yemen. to the battle against isis where iran is a major player. critics of the president's middle east policy aren't buying it. >> what each of these threats has in common is a fail jury of deterrence brought on by american weakness and lack of resolve. >> even if we get the nuclear deal we will have to try to contain iranian power in the middle east. >> that the white house maintains is why the iran deal is so important. >> for all of these bad things that iran does it would be more dangerous if they are armed with a nuclear weapon. >> that was our senior white house correspondent reporting. india two dozen people have turned up dead, one common thread they seem to share a link with a corruption scandal. and the scale se nor mouse.
10:35 pm
2500 suspects. it is causing alarm in central india and beyond that. a string of suspicious deaths and scandal has shocked india to the core. 28 people linked to a multimillion-dollar education scam have died in the past two years, according to sources close to the investigation. political parties in the opposition say that number is much higher. they put it at 45. it is a story that many say is getting spookier by the day. over the weekend a deli journalist investigating the case mysteriously died while interviewing the family of a dead suspect related to the scam. his colleague foamed at the mouth, choked and fell from his chair. the next day police found the body of a college teen who had been helping investigators at a hotel room.
10:36 pm
at the heart of the scandal, allegations of bribes paid for government jobs and college admission. the fact that so many people close to the scandal keep dying is triggering a lot of fear amongst the people here. why so many died who's behind this really no clear answers at the moment cnn, new delhi. heroin use is riding sharply and so are the people dieing from overdoses. heroin use doubled among women between 2002 and 2013. >> number ofheroin is cheaper and more widely available and more people are going to heroin because of prescription drugs like oxycontin. u.s. presidential hopeful hillary clinton says she wants to see a woman on the u.s.
10:37 pm
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it took a while but hillary clinton has given the first television interview of her presidential campaign three months after this entering the race for the white house. >> it was interesting. she sat down and talked about imgrigs and putting a woman on u.s. currency. >> trump is also creating quite a lot of commotion on the other side. he's a friend of yours, has been over the years. he donated to your senate campaign to the clinton foundation. what's your reaction to the comments that some mexican immigrants are racist and criminals? >> i'm very disappointed in
10:41 pm
those comments. i feel very bad and very disappointed with tim him and with the republican party for not responding immediately and saying, enough, stop it. but they are all in the -- in the same general area on immigration. you know they don't want to provide a path to citizenship. they range across a spectrum of being either begrudgingly welcome or hostile to immigrants an i'm going to talk about comp hence i have immigration reform. i'm going to talk about the good law-abiding, productive members of the immigrant community that i personally know and have met over the course of my life that i would like to see have a path to citizenship. >> what about jeb bush's approach to that? it is certainly different than donald trump's. >> he doesn't believe in a path to citizenship. if he did at one time he no longer does.
10:42 pm
pretty much they are on a spectrum of you know hostility, which i think is really regrettable in a nation of immigrants like ours all the way to grudging acceptance but refusal to go with a pathway to citizenship. i think that's a mistake. i think we know we are not going to deport 11 or 12 million people. we shouldn't break up families. we shouldn't be stopping people from having the opportunity to be fully integrated legally within our country. it's good for us. it's good economically. it's good for the taxes that will be legally collected. it's good for the children so they can go as far as their hard work and talent will take them. so i'm 100% behind comprehensive immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship. >> what's changed when it comes to your approach with the media? we have seen you are doing this interview here today. it has been since you declared that you have done a national interview like this.
10:43 pm
we saw a visual representation of the arm's length with the rope in new hampshire. what's changed? why now? >> nothing has really changed. i just have a different rhythm to my campaign. i'm not running my campaign for the press. i'm running it for voters. i respect the press and what the press has to do but i wanted and was determined to have the time i needed to actually meet and listen to people. >> have you given any thought to the woman who should be on the $10 bill? [ laughter ] you know i'm very torn about it. i want a woman on a bill. i don't know why they tick picked the 10 dollars bill. some are edging for the 20. >> do you think it should be the 20? >> i want a woman on the bill and it might be easier to change the 20 than it is to change the 10 but we'll see. i don't like the idea that as a compromise you would have two people on the same bill.
10:44 pm
one would be a woman. that sounds second class to me. i think a woman should have her own bill and maybe more appropriate to look at the 20 than the 10. i don't know we'll see. >> i know you seen the new doppelganger on cnn. she plays you and justin bieber. >> pretty good. >> wish i could sing. >> quite some range. >> i know you do. who's the bert hillary clinton, kate or amy poehler ? >> amy is a friend of mine. kate is doing a great job. you are not going to get me to pick one or the other. i think i'm the best hillary clinton. i will be my own little self and keep going along and say what i believe in and putting forth changes i believe would be good for the country. i'm not looking for rating. i'm looking for votes. >> nice to see the funny side. we will show you another shot of that interview.
10:45 pm
stay tuned if that are in the next hour. a trio of tropical storms are churning in the west pacific ocean today our meteorologist is joining us. this impacts millions of people. >> tens of millions of people. this lined up perfect order when it comes to what we have in eastern areas of china and northern taiwan as well. we will dive in to nilinfa. five areas of active weather. impressive sight. the initial one a strong tropical storm shy of a category one hurricane. guangdong province, 7 million people live in hong kong metro. you can see tremendous flooding over the region and then go farther to sea and we have
10:46 pm
typhoon chan-hom which is 150 kilometers an hour. strong category one closing in on a category two equivalent and the concern is the massive side of the storm. you take the storm and put it over the united states it would be comparable to alaska. or the country of mexico as far as how expansive the cloud system is. it will strengthen over the next couple of days. population density in the dark red, 1500 people per square kilometer or more. this would be on the order of 24 plus million people around shanghai. behind that we have another typhoon. this is off shore of the united states. one of the more beautiful towns in the united states that you have never heard of. if you are born here and use a
10:47 pm
u.s. dollar, 50,000 people could be impacted. beyond that could be menacing typhoon by later next week that could impact japan. a lot of weather to talk about. >> amazing to see them line up. >> okay. thank you so much. in ecuador 1 million people attend pope francis mass.
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welcome back everyone. for some students near tel aviv israel the days are divided by different study. >> we go to var tech. >> they aren't disguises but the ultra orthodox jewish men who wear these lead two different lives. one who trembles in awe of god, by day they study jewish scriptures at a religious school outside of tel aviv. in the afternoon they study something different, high-tech
10:52 pm
programming, computer languages, web development, part of an effort to make the ultra orthodox the next wave of high-tech workers. >> people that didn't know anything about the computer a year ago you will see them developing web and mobile applications. >> reporter: the students begin by learning math and english, things they never learned in their strict traditional lfestyle that focuses only on religious study. and then they learn to program. after one year of study they work in high-tech. >> they are really curious. just want to know towns what happen is going on and they are not satisfied with shallow answers. >> the religious high-tech school called ravtech is a way to find work unemployment and poverty are major problems in the community. more than half of the men don't work. most families only the woman works, often at a low-income job
10:53 pm
to support a large family, on average six children. they make up 10% of israel's population but it is the fastest growing segment of the population. most of the students at the school are in their 20s, 30s and already have families and now are looking for work. this student says years of strict religious study makes excellent programmers. >> a lot of times you have to think outside the box. that's very important. especially studying the scriptures to understand what is in front of you look at different levels and get deeper in to the problem. >> high-tech programming jobs allow them to maintain their strict lifestyle. between programming classes, they break for afternoon prayer a's. but for these ultra orthodox men working today's modern economy, technology is always close at hand. cnn, tel aviv. before we go we want to go
10:54 pm
to pope francis and his eight-day tour of south america. the catholic leader will be visiting a nursing home in ecuador a few hour s from now and after that to boll live va. >> his trip aims to shed light on issues of poverty and the environment. he is also talking about family as well. his stops include a visit on tuesday to the church in ecuador ecuador. the pope also posed for selfies. >> so mod earn. >> rock star. >> people waiting for him there. i mean he nails it every time. >> cnn has been following the pope on his journey. >> the people that traveled near and far for a chance to see the catholic leader with the ultimate selfie. >> even at 6:00 a.m. people are streaming in. hundreds if not thousands.
10:55 pm
this will be day they will remember forever. thousands of people even spent the night despite pour ing rain to make sure they got a spot. monika slept in a tent with her entire family. we wanted to see already at least hear the holy father she says. our family is very religious. it was raining a lot and very cold so she couldn't really sleep. are you excited? >> this family traveled four hours by bus and then slept out in the open. they even brought breakfast. we also found some students from arizona. >> we are really excited. we have been camping out all night. >> changing so many things for the better and i'm really excited to see him. >> organizers say more than 1 million people turned out, snapping up crosses, flags and hanker chifs before the pontiff
10:56 pm
pontiff's arainfall. >> you can see behind me. this is the moment people have been waiting for. pope francis has just passed by. once-in-a-lifetime. this is something everyone will want to remember. >> cnn ecuador. >> so much excitement. thank you for watching. i'm zain asher. >> i'm max foster. cnn newsroom continues in the next hour with significant rosemary church. you know the importance of heart health. you watch your diet, excercise... and may take an omega-3 supplement, such as fish oil. but when it comes to omega-3s, it's the epa and dha that really matter for heart health. not all omega-3 supplements are the same. introducing bayer pro ultra omega-3 from the heart health experts at bayer. with two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement. plus, it's the only brand with progel technology proven to reduce fish burps. new bayer pro ultra omega-3.
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-- captions by vitac -- the greeks are under pressure to meet a new deadline and some eu leaders are starting to show their frustration. plus the u.s. is supposed to be training thousands of rebels to fight isis in syria. but right now that number is far lower. and in a cnn exclusive interview, hillary clinton defends deleting 33,000 e-mails from when she was secretary of state. i'm rosemary church. welcome to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world, this is "cnn newsroom."


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